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Areas of Expertise


Silicon Engineering

Foundation IP, Custom SoC, RTL to GDSII

  • RTL design & integration
  • Functional Verification
  • Physical design & physical verification
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit
  • Analog layout & IO
  • Std. Cells & Memory design
  • Next Gen Talent
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Embedded Solutions

Designing Advanced Embedded Systems

  • Mixed Signal PCB design
  • Hardware design
  • Firmware and Middleware
  • PCB fabrication and Assembly
  • Product Engineering
  • Assembly and Manufacturing Support
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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Use smart manufacturing technology to expedite your digital transformation.

  • Assembly Automation
  • Industrial IoT
  • Machine Vision
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Next Gen Talent
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Our Mantra for Success

Do more with an end-to-end solution

People-centered approach

Fueled by the mantra 'fewer clients, more attention', we strive for excellence in providing high quality services.

End to End innovation

We offer an end to end innovative solution to give improved results, increased confidentiality, and streamlined programme management.

Values-Driven Talent

Every day, every client, every deliverable is defined by our core values: humility, humanity and integrity

Team working

Our projects feature a flat and empowered management structure that breaks down obstacles and encourages the flow of fresh ideas.

Move fast, and stay adaptable.

Our method enables us to remain agile, working rapidly while planning ahead, allowing us to pivot on a dime when we need to accelerate.

End to end solution

Whatever future you envisage, we have the resources to assist you in realising it, through digital solutions, silicon engineering, innovation ecosystem and many more

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